Pogged is a northern England term meaning “stuffed” or “full of food”

Pogged was founded in 2017 by Simon T. Clyde.  After living in the U.S. for many years he was missing the comfort foods of home.  Being part of the active British community here in San Diego, his friends encouraged him to set up his restaurant.

Design Criteria

Colour Scheme

The Union Jack is the national flag for the United Kingdom and it made up of the flags from England and Scotland. Wales joined the union later and is not represented in the flag. Darker, more regal tone colours of the Union Jack were selected for this web site.

Brown was choosen for the secondary colour palette. This is used for general text labels and buttons. It is a complimentary colour for the selected blue and red.


(15, 18, 51)


(144, 26, 29)


(37, 20, 14)

Font Style

Pogged aims to capture the British dining experience, extraordinary in its simplicity, impeccable in execution. It invites families and friends to enjoy the British ambiance, whilst they take care of the rest.

To capture the restaurant’s branding and message, I chose “Monotype Corsiva” (a free-flowing serif font) for headers and “Crimson Text” (a simplistic san-serif font) for the body copy.

Step Into Design

The design process is very iterative… things that sounds like a good idea, are not always so! The initial step of any design is starting with the basic ideas/thoughts from the customer. The Pogged project included the design of the menu as well as the design for the web site. Once the menu was complete, it became the input for the web site design

Mockups were created for the following media sizes: mobile, tablet and desktop.

Adobe Experience Design was used for the mockups as it creates a fully interactive prototype.  When giving a customer demo, it is much more impactful to show an interactive demo.

Deliverables for this project:

  • Business card
  • Printed Menu
  • Web Site (design only)